EU in my Phone 2023

The European Information Center of the Region of Crete-Europe Direct of Crete, in the context of its operation organizes a Photo Exhibition with the theme: " EU in my phone".

The aim is to promote our European way of life and to highlight the power of mobile devices and the conscious activation of mobile users to capture the beauty of our continent and is addressed to active European citizens and lovers of technology and photography.

Emphasis will be given on the power of technology and the promotion of European travel destinations.

Hundreds of photos with memories of travels and experiences fill our daily flow on mobile devices and social media. Υour photos will be exhibited to the Europe Direct photography event, with your favorite frames, from your travels, your favorite monuments, the most beautiful squares and all the experiences you loved, that will take place at the Vikelaia Library of Heraklion Crete on 5-9 June 2023.