The Company

The Art is a Non-Profit Organization created to organize Photography Exhibitions. It was founded in Heraklion, Crete in 2020. The purpose of the company is to enhance the imagination and creativity of the public, through photography, to promote culture, letters and the arts in general.

The purpose of the company is public benefit - non-profit, cultural, artistic, educational, entertainment and social.

The purpose of the company is the development and dissemination of photography, folk and contemporary art in general. The promotion of photography as an art and social expression. The establishment of photography as a means of expression of society. Enhancing the imagination and creativity of the public, through photography. The promotion of culture, letters and arts in general.

In particular, the purpose of the company is:

  • The promotion of the art of photography
  • The organization, production and presentation of photography exhibitions of various thematic units
  • The organization of activities of artistic events and happenings that will attract the public to photography and art in general, as well as various others artistic events, cultural and artistic interest.
  • The organization of photography competitions
  • The organization of a photo festival and the participation in national and international festivals
  • The education of the general public in the art of photography
  • Research around photography and art in general. In particular, the research-recording and highlighting of the course of the art of photography, the modern trends of photography around the world as well as suggestions for its evolution
  • The creation and compilation of a photo archive as well as an exhibition space - a reference point for the art of photography in Heraklion, Crete or in any other city of Crete in general or in any other part of the territory if required